Cycling in Rhodes island

Cycling is a sport that appeals to all ages. The island of Rhodes has a long history in this sport. Renowned for Aces athletes pedal and hosting cycling events every year. Cycling in Rhodes can be done in a variety of soils. On level ground the town, on rough dirt roads, steep hills, near a lake and more. The level of difficulty depends on the preferences of the group. It is an enjoyable experience and an excellent physical workout.

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General information

Rhodes city
6-7 hours
Red water bike  6-7 hours

Pick up time

Pick up time is usually around 8:00 a.m – 9:00 a.m

Note: Times depending on the location of the hotel

Drop off time

Drop off time is usually around 16:30 p.m – 17:00 p.m

Note: Times depending on the location of the hotel

Rhodes city on a bike

Our bike tour starts with a leisurely ride along wall of Rhodes’ marina where private yachts dock. That short ride gives you a panoramic view of Rhodes and a chance to see various buildings from afar and is the ideal opportunity to listen to a brief history of the city. We also visit the tower located at the end of the harbor wall where look-outs were stationed to watch the horizon and where many a battle was fought.We then move on to the moat surrounding the walls of the medieval city. After that we head to one of the medieval city’s western gates and enter the narrow cobbled streets toobserve the architecture of the houses and buildings there. We pass through the historic squares with their fountains, monuments and important buildings from the medieval city dating from different historical periods.Crossing the marketplace, we cycle towards the Ottoman baths and from there head on to the main mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent built in the 15th century by the Turkishoccupiers.From the vantage point of the mosque we have a great view of the Palace of the Grand Master. Approaching the palace you begin to realise just how grand it is. A visit to the palace is optional.Heading down the Street of the Knights, you can see the homes of knights of various nationalities on the left and right. We then exit the old town via de Amboise Gate and continue towards modern-day Rhodes. We head towards the ancient stadium built at the foot of the city’s ancient acropolis.The tour takes us around the ancient monuments. We then cycle up to one of the highest points in the city offering great views of the Aegean Sea and the city and views towards he western and eastern sides of the island. That is followed by lunch at the chapel of Agios Nikolaos built into a cave. Although now a chapel, this site was also used in antiquity s a place of worship.Then we head down towards the coastal road towards the aquarium built at the island’s most northerly tip.As our tour nears its end, we cycle past the imposing administrative buildings constructed by the Italian rulers at the start of the previous century. The tour ends at the statues of the deer, symbol of the city of Rhodes, located at the entrance to the old harbor.

Red water route

The route starts off heading downhill and passes through the Malona orange grove. A stop at the village’s main church gives cyclists the chance to briefly stroll around the village and recover a little.

We then continue by cycling next to the course of the Gadoura River heading towards the source of the river and the small, but impressive, Gadoura falls.

Leaving the source of the river behind, we pass through a forest of olive trees and head towards the vineyards that surround the village of Masari that produces some of the best wine Rhodes has to offer.

Heading towards Gadoura bridge built by the Italians in the 1930s, we have the chance to explore some old battlements from the Second World War.

Our cyclists can rest for a short time next to the old bridge before continuing along the dried-out river bed heading towards the beach. This route also takes us past the runway of an old airport.

The beach is the ideal place to finish the ride, enjoy a refreshing dip in the deep blue waters of the sea and savour Greek snacks.


  • Pick up and drop off from hotel is included to the price
  • Comfortable/non slippery closed shoes
  • Hat & sun cream
  • Sunglasses
09:30 am – 15:00 pm
09:30 am – 15:00 pm
09:30 am – 15:00 pm
09:30 am – 15:00 pm
09:30 am – 15:00 pm
09:30 am – 15:00 pm
09:30 am – 15:00 pm

Price includes

Please contact us for price list.

Price include the following

  • Tour and activities guiding
  • Activities gear
  • Transfers
  • Support car services for the cycling activities
  • Plenty of cold bottled water
  • Greek tasteful nutritious and healthy light meal