Kritika beach

Kritika beach is just below the beautiful hill of Monte Smith. It follows the path that exists in Kato Petres and finishes at the point where the ixia beach begins. Following this path the visitor will come to the complex of seagulls in sculpture depicting the real seagulls that fly in the area. Then the beach spreads offering a wonderful view to the eye, a combination of foamy waves and blue waters. Apart from the strong wind that exists in the area, often on the coast gather enough rubbish so the beach is not attractive for swimming. The area is ideal for jogging, romantic strolls and fishing. Across the street there are small houses of locals, some cafes and restaurants.

  • Sunbeds
  • kantine
  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Changing
  • Watersports
  • Parking

Distance from

City Center 3.5 km
Old Town 4 km
Airport 15.6 km
Ialisos-Ixia (West) 7.3 km
Faliraki (East) 17 km
Kolimbia (East) 26.6 km
Lindos (East) 51 km
Pefkos (East) 56 km