Acropolis of Lindos

The ancient Acropolis of Lindos is built on a steep cliff 116 metres, and it constitutes a real balcony overlooking the sea. Visitors can admire the gallery of the Hellenistic period, the impressive Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, the Propylaea, the Byzantine church of St. John and the Headquarters of the Knights’ period. Unique is the relief trireme of the 2nd century BC which is carved in the rock, at the base of it. The  ancient citadel, was exploited not only by the ancient Greeks but also by the Romans, the Byzantines, St. John’s  Knights and finally by the Turks.The view from the Acropolis is magical, on one side is Lindos with its beach and on the other side is the bay of St. Paul, where according to tradition, the Apostle Paul came ashore in the year 57 AC.Getting around in Lindos can be done only on foot; however, for visitors to the Acropolis special routes on donkeys are organised. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes and only through the ancient path.

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Opening Hours Mon to Sun, 8:00 a.m – 19:40 p.m
Entrance 12 Euro/Adult
Free under 18
Students from EU Countries free
Students not from EU Countries 6 euros
People over 65 years from EU countries half price
Note: Valid ID is necessary for the discount
General Information phone +30 22440 31258
Address Lindos Village, East Rhodes
How to get there by Bus
From Rhodes city center & West side (Ialisos, Kremasti etc)

You have to take the Roda bus (usually blue & white color) towards to Rhodes City from Heraklidon Main Road  and get off at the last stop. Just beside the last stop of Roda bus is Ktel bus company so from there take the Ktel bus (usually orange & white color) towards to Lindos Village. Heraklidon main road is the main road in the west side that connects all the villages from Rhodes city center until Prasosini beach (end of the island). You may see different names for Heraklidon road on Google maps.

From Rhodes city center & East side (Koskinou, Kalithea , Faliraki, Pefkos etc)

If you are starting your journey from Rhodes city center you have to take the Ktel bus (usually orange & white color) from the Main Ktel bus station. If you are staying at the East side (Koskinou, Kalithea, Faliraki etc) you have to get the bus from Rodou Lindou Main Road towards to Lindos. All the Bus stops are on this main road.

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Distance from

City Center 50 km
Old town 49 km
Airport 51 km
Ialisos-Ixia (West) 48 km
Faliraki (East) 35 km
Kolimbia (East) 25 km
Lindos (East) 0 km
Pefkos (East) 5 km