Feraklos castle

The Feraklos castle or castle of  Faraklou is built on a hill 85 metres high in Malona  area between the beaches Agathe and Haraki. The name is due to the barren land and bare rock of the hill. In ancient times the castle provided protection to the settlement, the fertile hinterland and anchorages Haraki and Agatha of Sicily. It is worth noting that he had visual contact with the castle of Lindos and was one of the most important fortresses along with Rhodes and Lindos. It was used as a prison for pirates and illegal traders, but also as a safe haven for residents of neighbouring areas. Well preserved on the walls are the coats of arms of the Order of the Knights and the Grand Master.Today it is  as “haunted castle” as it has been neglected by the state, and unfortunately it is about to collapse. Flocks of sheep are his frequent visitors.

Opening Hours Mon to Sun, 24/7 (Open Area)
Entrance Free

Haraki, East Rhodes

How to get there Taxi, Bus, Car, Moto, Bicycle

Distance from

City Center 39 km
Old Town 38 km
Airport 40 km
Ialisos-Ixia (West) 38 km
Faliraki (East) 25 km
Kolimbia (East) 14 km
Lindos (East) 13 km
Pefkos (East) 18 km