Lardos castle

Lardos Castle is built on a small hill of 42 metres high outside the village of Lardos, far from the sea. The castle was built in 12th century by the Byzantines. When the Knights of St. John took over in 1309 and began to build castles everywhere, they discovered, to their great satisfaction that in Lardos there was already a castle. Probably the castle was simply used as an observatory over the roads leading to Gennadi. Lardos belonged to the Castellania of Lindos. Thus, according to decrees in 1474 and 1479, residents of Lardos would resort to Lindos castle in an emergency. The inhabitants of the settlement (casale) of Lardos had no obligations towards the Order outside the settlement area. They were obliged to simply offer work in the construction of roads, bridges and fortifications.

Opening Hours Mon to Sun, 24/7 (Open Area)
Entrance Free
Address Lardos Village, East Rhodes
How to get there Taxi, Bus, Car, Moto, Bicycle

Distance from

City Center 50km
Old Town 49
Airport 53 km
Ialisos-Ixia (West) 49 km
Faliraki (East) 37 km
Kolimbia (East) 26 km
Lindos (East) 10 km
Peukos (East) 6.5